BKFUND is a digital asset fund that is incubated by the world's top blockchain investment institution—Fenbushi Capital. It is registered in the Cayman Islands and is headed by Charlie Xu, strategy director of Fensbuhi Capital. The BKFUND management team independently raises funds and invests, with first phase investors such as Bo Shen, Fenbushi Capital management partner, and numerous blockchain industry professionals. To date, BKFUND has invested in more than 20 blockchain projects globally, and has been selected as one of the top ten blockchain investment institutions by top tech media 36Kr.




Tom Huang


Senior Analyst at Fenbushi Capital, Co-founder of BKFUND, Co-founder and COO of Hashgard. Tom graduated from the University of Macau with a degree in Accounting and Finance and served as a management trainee in Fortune 500-Louis Dreyfus. He then joined Fenbushi Capital focusing on the research and investment in blockchain industry.


Charlie Xu

Managing Partner

Strategic Management Director at Fenbushi Capital, Managing Partner of BKFUND,Founder of Hashgard. He graduated from Anhui University and was employed at high-tech companies such as iFLYTEK, HUAWEI and ZTE. He has 13 years of experiences in research and development, marketing and management. He is an early start-up incubator. In 2017, he was selected as “National Outstanding Innovative and Entrepreneur Mentor” by National Education Department. He is a trail blazer and investor in blockchain industry.


Cindy Fang

Co-founder & CFO

HKICPA, Financial Manager at Fenbushi Capital, Co-founder and CFO of BKFUND. Cindy graduated from Lanzhou University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Thereafter she earned a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting at City University of Hong Kong. She has been auditing fin-tech companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for years. Cindy has participated in setting financial reporting standards exclusively for token funds and has rich experience in risk controll and compliance in blockchain investment.


Investment Philosophy


From a technical perspective

We expect that the project can utilize blockchain technology to better serve the community. It could employ the organizational advantages of a decentralized network, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and resolve inherent pain points in the industry (e.g., strengthen privacy protection, provide proof of existence, etc.)

 From a business model perspective

We expect that the project will be able to utilize blockchain technology to deconstruct and reconstruct the original ecological structure of the industry, employ the culture of community autonomy, create a decentralized business model, and put investors, users and entrepreneurs well together.

From the perspective of team members’background

We expect that the team have equivalent backgrounds and resources to match their project implementation plan, including educational background, professional background, and related industry experience and resources. In addition, we hope that the core founders share common values with us, focus on long-term returns rather than short-term benefits, and hope to generate social benefits through blockchain technology.

From an investment perspective

We expect that the project have a rational valuation, and that the funds raised can be truly invested in technological innovation. At the same time, the token generation and distribution scheme is rational, and the economic model of the project is consistent with their business logic.


Disclaimer: BKFUND only makes representations on the digital asset portfolio it holds. It is not intended to convey or constitute investment advice, nor does it guarantee future holdings.